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            The past 4 years has been wonderful and profitable for our business. As our way of saying thank you to all of our very loyal clients who supported  us through the years we will be upgrading all existing accounts based on the chart below. We will assure you all that our team will continue to grow, improve and expand our business and knowledge to make our service better in the coming years.

                                                          Upgrades will be done starting October  3, 2006.


All Accounts created on
Jan-Dec 2002


 All Accounts created on
Jan-Dec 2003


 All Accounts created on
Jan-Dec 2004


All Accounts created on
Jan-Dec 2005

Additional 40MB of Hard Space.
Additional of  10GIG of Bandwidth
  Additional 30MB of Hard Space.
Additional of  8GIG of Bandwidth
  Additional 20MB of Hard Space.
Additional of  6GIG of Bandwidth
  Additional 10MB of Hard Space.
Additional of  4GIG of Bandwidth